I am a teacher by profession, married and have three young children. Outside my working hours, I enjoy spending time with my family and supporting the community.
On the weekend, I teach children the Quran and Islam. I give Friday sermon and other religious talks regularly. I support the community members in conducting ceremonies like baby naming (aqeeqah), funerals, and weddings. I help those who aspire to get married in preparing them to enter the marriage life and provide counselling to those who have marital problems.
I assist people who would like to find out about the true message of Islam and guide those who wish to embrace the faith in their conversion to Islam.
I also engage the community to work together and contribute to the wider Australia society. I am involved and encourage the community to initiate and to participate in various social and cultural events to promote multiculturalism and harmony.
All of these involvements have been so rewarding and help me become a better person.