My name is Muhammed Edwars. I am a religious marriage celebrant authorised by the Attorney-General's office and certified by the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV). This unique combination ensures that your marriage is valid according to the law in Australia as well as according to Islamic shariah. I perform weddings in Melbourne and other cities in Australia. I conduct the ceremony in English and/or Indonesian for your convenience.

Why Choose Muhammed as Your Celebrant:


20 Years Experience


Professional and Licensed


Indonesian or English delivery


Marriage Celebrant

Muhammed will attend your ceremony and officiate over the proceedings including signing the documents and also giving a sermon in either English or Bahasa Indonesia.


Pre-Marriage Course

This two hour course is designed to prepare and equip young people to enter marriage life. We will cover topics such as the importance having of correct intention, the roles/responsibilities of husband and wife, how to deal with marital issues and the dos and don’ts in marriage. Parents of the bride and groom are welcomed to attend. Booking is essential.


Have a Question About Islam?

For whatever reason, you may have questions about Islam or Muslim. You may have heard answers from the media, politicians, or experts. But if those answers do not satisfy your curiosity, why not ask a Muslim? I am happy to talk to anyone who genuinely want to find out what Islam is about and what Islam says about different range of issues. We can meet in a café or at my place and talk over a cup of tea or coffee.

Call Muhammed Edwars at 0433 374 600 for Bookings